Repousse and Chasing is a Passion for Master Silver and Goldsmith Jacques Fabian. You can learn traditional hand skills at STUDIO41 in Strathalbyn.

Peak Hill School of the Air

– Workshop 10/04/2018

Melissa  – Oodnadatta

“It was relaxing, fun and good quality materials. I loved the help and encouragement, tying the knots can be tricky. ”

Josephine  – Yarna Station

“Was fun and relaxing! Great to learn a new skill and exercise the brain. Wonderful to chat and have some quiet ‘me’ time. Thanks so much for teaching and sharing this with us. Very therapeutic!!”

Michelle  – Hawker

“Enjoyed being able to learn and make my own Jewellery. A chance to sit down, relax and stimulate my brain in a very different way!!!  Being taught something by two very helpful ladies. Proud of my final product.”

Lynly – North well Station via Kinganga

“ – Laid Back feel, relaxing while learning a new hobby

-Teachers were very patient and gave each of us quality time with making our pieces.
-very generous with the amount of Jewellery pieces we each made. Thank you”

Sonya – via Hawker South Australia

“What I liked was making my own necklace and seeing the end product. Very rewarding on what you can achieve. A little frustrating when things don’t go your way.”

Petie  – McDouall Peak Station – Via Port Augusta

“It was very relaxing and enjoyable. It is not often I get the chance to be creative so the chance to mingle with friends and learn this wonderful new skill was an opportunity I wasn’t going to miss! Thank you so much for the workshop.”

Linda  – Hawker

“Great fun to do something so different from my normal! Very helpful and friendly presenters!”

Emilee  – Hawker

“I’m not artsy/crafty, but enjoy doing it under the guidance of a professional”

Jessica  – Marree

“Great to sit around and have a chat and do something we don’t get a chance to do. Great materials and easy to use instruments.”

Candice  – Woomera

“I enjoyed the time making and designing with the beads a necklace and earrings. The ladies were very helpful.”

  – Oodnadatta

“Great to learn a new skill, I had no idea it was so involved”

Leisa  – Burra

“Very good instruction, great ideas, lovely ladies.”




“Dear Valerie,
Last Saturday I was a recipient of a Certificate of Competency from you at Jacques Fabians Studio. While I was a bit stunned at receiving this award , I was also extremely grateful. I was surprised as I know how much more I have to learn and it certainly vastly more than I know now. Afterwards, I thought to say thank you properly but you had gone.

However, the principal reason that I am writing to you was to tell you that we were at fault by omitting to express, at that gathering, our thanks and appreciation to and of J acques . In my long experience with teachers and the teaching profession, I have found as have the rest of the students. Jacques to be one of those unique individuals who are blessed with the ability to teach and even more blessed with the humour, grace, diligence, dedication, patience and for­ bearance to practice teaching. We are all fortunate that he does.

Jacques does not keep each student on a specific project in a specific line of projects thus churning theII). out at a uniform and consistent rate, which would make the teaching process much easier if duller for the student. After the initial tests to form an idea of a stu dent ‘s ability and however many sessions that it takes to teach the very basic tool usage , Jacques allows each one to pursue their own interest and project. This methods creates some monumental failures but also some monumental successes and a great deal in between,.but how better to learn. It also means that hewill have any number of technically difficult projects , very human tempers and failings to juggle at any given time. He does it with ease, tact and enthusiasm.

While I can communicate this to the other students , I felt that you as one ofthe judges should be told of it as well. We would like it to be known among his peers of what opinion and esteem we all hold him in.

Our apologies, Most sincerely,
A (JJ/C- !/ – -”