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Jewellery Making DVD

In 2008 Jacques Launched his DVD range. All sold out now, but the value in the education is timeless. For more information contact us at admin@jacquesfabian.com.au

Jacques Fabian Silver smithing DVD
Learn the art of Jewellery Making with Jacques Fabian’s personal Education program
Jacques Fabian Jewellery making Kits
Stirling Silver and Pearl Ring Jacques Fabian Design Great for learning in the comfort of your own home. Kits sold out now
Jacuqes Fabian Believes good Handskill are never out dated
Jacques Fabian’s Classic Wedder on DVD Released in 2008- Good Hand skills are never out dated
Jacques Fabian Designs are considered Classic modern
Jacques Fabian Designed Classic Modern Neck piece Learn Mount making, Setting and bail making in this DVD
Chain making- its all about the link
Basic Chain making skills are paramount to any Jeweller. Jacques delivers your basic skills in the tutorial.

If you would like to attend one of Jacques many courses or find out more about the DVD’s please contact us at: admin@ajmd.biz

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